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* African Tribal Art Baskets
Handwoven African Tribal Art Plaque Basket
* Baleen Baskets

* Buttocks Egg Baskets
Large Handwoven Buttocks Egg Basket Maple
Vintage Tri-Color Oak Ribbed Buttocks Egg Basket

* Contemporary Baskets
Alaskan Birch Bark & Cedar Bark Basket
Hand Woven Bucket Basket
Longaberger Basket Hostess Appreciation Basket Combo 1996
Miniature Handwoven BASKET PIN Set Green Gingham
PETERBORO Americana / Patriotic Market Basket DISCONTINUED

* Folk Art Baskets
Folk Art Basket Ornament Christmas Tree Star Handwoven
Folk Art Handwoven Berry Pick'n Basket
Folk Art Garden Delight Gift Basket
Folk Art Garden Delight-2 Gift Basket
Folk Art Huge Vintage Woven Market Storage Basket Round / Bands of Red and Blue
Folk Art Index Card File Basket
Folk Art Patriotic Spongeware Flag Centerpiece Fruit Bowl Basket

* Gourd Art Baskets
Hand Crafted GOURD ART BASKET Horizontal Stripe Red, Black & Metallic Gold
Patriotic Gourd Art Basket Stars & Stripes Flag Butterfly - Large

* Native American Indian Baskets
Makah Indian Basket Handmade Native American
Makah Indian Basket Miniature
Native American Indian Basket Walpole Island Ash & Curls

* Nantucket Baskets

* Shaker Ash Baskets
Shaker Basket Knife Basket of White Ash
Shaker Basket Miniature Ash Business Card Basket

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A directory of links to various Basketry related sites including various State organizations and guilds.  Also a selection of fine shops on the Internet you may be interested in visiting.  Basketweaving artists and basketry supplies.

* Proper Care and Display of Your Basket - valuable information on the proper care and display of your fine handwoven baskets.

* Sold Baskets - recent sales from Simply Baskets Basket Shop.  Each of these hand woven baskets are SOLD, and are only listed to give a very general idea of what baskets have recently sold from the shop.  It is not intended as a price guide, as a monitary valuation of any antique basket you may have, nor is this a complete list of items recently sold baskets.  Sold Baskets 1 Sold Baskets 2

* Nantucket Baskets - Custom-made - My other website which features an online catalog of all my hand-crafted fine Nantucket Lightship Baskets available for individual custom orders.  If you don't fine the Nantucket Basket or Nantucket Purse ready for shipment here, visit Simply Nantucket Baskets and have one custom-made just for you!
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