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Native American Indian Basket WALPOLE ISLAND Ash & Curls

Vintage Native American Indian basket from Walpole Island hand-woven of ash and delicate ash curls was crafted in 1978 by Walpole Island resident, Rosie Ermatinger.  Rosie made baskets into her 80's and during her later life, she was assisted by her grandchildren in collecting the sweetgrass needed for her baskets.  Unfortunately, her traditional basketweaving skills were lost on her grandchildren.

Walpole Island Indian Reserve is nestled between Ontario, Canada and Michigan, USA at the mouth of the St. Clair River.

Walpole Island and the surrounding region is called Bkejwanong or "where the waters divide."  The un-ceded territory has been home to aboriginal people for over six thousand years, and today is home to 2,000 Ojibwa, Potawatomi and Ottawa people.  Tecumseh's grave is on the reserve there.  Having a common heritage they formed the Council of Three Fires--a political and cultural compact that has survived the test of time.

The "Island" is blessed with a unique ecosystem including 6,900 hectares of the richest and most diverse wetlands in all of the Great Lakes.  Walpole Island is also known for it's rare flora and fauna.  Citizens of this First Nation, incredibly, can still support their families through hunting, fishing, trapping, and guiding activities.

This traditional Native American ash basket features sweet-smelling sweet grass, natural and dyed pink ash weavers - the interior still retains it's original brilliant color, and a pretty pink ash 'bow' on top.  This vintage ash basket measures 6½" in diameter and 4½" high.

SB581 - Native American Indian Basket WALPOLE ISLAND Ash & Curls
Native American Indian Basket Walpole Island Ash & Curls
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