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Simply Baskets offers the finest selection of quality hand-crafted handwoven Folk Art Baskets and basketry for collectors!  The following baskets are available for immediate sale.
Garden Delight Gift Basket
Just click the photo of the Folk Art Basket which interests you, and you can read more about the basket, see additional photographs and purchase the basket right from that page!  Each Handwoven Folk Art Basket is ready for immediate purchase and shipping!

What is a Folk Art Basket?

Folk Art Baskets are the perfect decorating accessory to your home.  Even decorated model homes use baskets to emphasize the warmth, charm and that comfortable feeling.  A basket of apples or a basket of flowers on a kitchen table makes a warm and inviting statement.  A folk art basket can set the tone for a country style home, a contemporary home, a rustic home or cabin.

Decorative folk art baskets also are useful items for storage.  Hanging baskets hang on a wall without taking up valuable counter space.  Baskets can be placed in the bedroom or bathroom to hold jewelry or bath items.  Even hotels and bed & breakfasts use baskets for their guests.

Almost every home has a magazine basket or a basket for used newspapers. Folk Art Baskets are just an essential home furniture item whether you own your home or just rent.  Many of these folk art baskets also make wonderful gift baskets.
handwoven baswket
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