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Just click the photo of the Native American Indian Basket which interests you, and you can read more about the basket, see additional photographs and purchase the basket right from that page!  Each Native American Indian Basket is ready for immediate purchase and shipping!

Additional information about Native American Indian Baskets is located here.  Choctaw Indian Basket information can be found here.

An interactive site to assist in Identifying Native American Indian Basketry is located here.  Additional educational information about Southwestern Indian Tribal Basketry can be found here.
Handwoven Native American Indian Baskets

Quality hand-crafted handwoven Native American Indian baskets and quintessential Indian style baskets for collectors of Indian Basketry offered by Simply Baskets!  The current selection of handwoven Indian baskets:
handwoven basket
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Makah Indian Basket Miniature
Handmade Makah Indian Basket
Native American Indian Basket Walpole Island Ash & Curls
Native American Indian Basket Walpole Island Ash & Curls
Handmade Native American MAKAH Indian Basket
MAKAH Native American  Indian Basket Miniature Signed