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A fine selection of quality handcrafted and handwoven authentic ethnographic African Tribal Art Baskets for collectors!  The African Baskets available for sale are:
Just click the photo of the African Tribal Art Basket which interests you, and you can read more about the African Tribal Art basket in greater detail, see additional photographs and you can purchase the basket on that page!  Each handwoven African tribal art basket is ready for immediate purchase and shipping.

Information about African Tribal Baskets

The village children gather grasses and other materials, the adults weave the baskets and color them with natural dyes taken from local resources.  This storage baskets are were used mainly for the preparation of food.  Baskets would be stacked 3 or 4 high above boiling water to steam vegetables or other foods.  These baskets are often used as gifts among the tribes and sold to traders in exchange for other merchandise.

Basket collectors realize that these collectible baskets differs in size, weaving design and color because of the creativity of each individual artisan.  This authentic genuine African basket looks beautiful from all viewing angles and will be a great addition to your basket collection.  Not only is this basket eye-catching, providing a decorative and colorful focal point, but it also makes a wonderful conversational art piece for any African, tribal or safari decor for home or office.

This basket also blends nicely in a Southwest decor because of it's "Native American Indian" basket look design.  Some of the designs are also appropriate for a rustic or country decor, Autumn or Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holiday seasonal / party / decorating themes and / or craft projects.

These beautifully handcrafted decorator baskets can be used as table decorations, centerpieces or wall hangings in the kitchen, bath room, bedroom, dining room, den or bar area.  They can used in so many ways!  Use as a napkin basket, a fruit basket, to hold and display hand rolled towels or wash cloths, silk or dried flower arrangements, potpourri, keys, change, jewelry and many other odds and ends.  They also make unique holiday, birthday, anniversary, shower or wedding gift baskets anytime of year.

You can read more about the different types of African Tribal Art Baskets and their construction here.
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Handwoven African Tribal Art Plaque Basket
Handwoven African Tribal Art Plaque Basket