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This directory page consists of the Basket Guilds and Basketry Associations Directory. If you are interested in finding or joining a Basket Guild or Basketry Association, then these sites may be of value or interest to you.

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Association of Michigan Basketmakers
AMB membership includes more than 1500 individuals from the United States in addition to Canada, Japan, and Russia. AMB members represent a diverse range of experiences and skills in creating basketry from a wide variety of materials including reed, barks, wood splints, cane, waxed linen, beads, and gathered natural materials. Many members gather annually to learn new techniques and to meet old friends at the AMB Annual Convention.

Basketry Information
Lists information about basket making - classes, guilds, sources of materials, meetings, exhibits, collections.

Georgia Basketry Association
The purpose of the Georgia Basketry Association shall be to perpetuate the art of basketry, stimulate interest and knowledge in all phases of basketry, and preserve the importance of basketry as a heritage craft. The Georgia Basketry Association also hosts an annual basketweaver Convention.

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the textile arts. It provides a forum for handweavers, basketweavers, handspinners, and related fiber artists.

National Association of Independent Artists
Begun in 1995, the NAIA serves as an advocate for artists. It is committed, by positive and cooperative means, to promote improvement throughout our profession. The NAIA has become the artists' collective and most effective voice as it continues to grow and gain recognition. We work hard to serve our membership and to foster working partnerships with other arts organizations. We encourage your involvement. Artist membership is open to artists who design and produce their own work and derive a significant portion of their income from the sale of their art.

National Basketry Organization, Inc.
The National Basketry Organization, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to basketry and everyone who appreciates this unique art form, which is both an ancient craft and modern art. Whether you are a basketmaker, a collector, a novice weaver, a studio artist or someone who simply admires baskets, we think you'll find something of interest.

North Carolina Basketmakers Association
The purpose of the North Carolina Basketmakers' Association is to stimulate interest in and to perpetuate the art of basketry. The North Carolina Basketmaker's Association also hosts an annual basketmaking Convention.

Northwest Native American Basketweaver’s Association Folk Art
Washington is now home to close to 95,000 Native Americans and over 25 federally-recognized tribes. One of the most important artistic expressions of these cultures is basketmaking. Despite pressure to abandon such traditions, tribal members have retained much of its traditional form as an integral part of Indian life. Native American basketmaking continues to provide important sources of meaning and cultural identity. From the seasonal rituals of harvesting sweetgrass, beargrass, or cedar root to the generations-old processes of completing baskets and using them in daily life or ceremonial life, baskets have remained important to virtually every tribe in Washington state. Because of the immense and ongoing significance of these traditions to Native American culture, basketmakers have felt an urgent need to form an organization which works to honor the keepers of these practices and addresses the impending threats to these traditions. In June 1996 the Northwest Native American Basketweaver's Association was formed. The main event for NNABA is its annual Gathering where over 100 weavers meet to share skills, stories, materials, and each other's company.


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