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In a conscientious effort to maintain quality and relevant links that my valuable customers and visitors will find useful, rather than for S.E.O., I am only accepting links for possible placement on my web site which meet the following criteria:

*     Web site content must be related or relevant to baskets, basketweaving, arts & crafts or handicrafts and micro-business fine art and crafts.  (Please, no wholesale or import sites)
*     Your reciprocal link page/pages MUST be linked from your HOME/INDEX page with an easy-to-locate link.
*     Your reciprocal links page MUST be indexed by search engines.  No redirects, no robots exclude, no hidden links or keyword spamming, etc.
*     Web sites which are geared towards being a link farm, rather than valuable content, will be removed.
*     I would PREFER that your reciprocal links be categorized in a logical manner – alphabetically, by theme or by category.  Pages and pages of links in no logical order are neither helpful nor beneficial to visitors and link partners alike.
*     I would PREFER that you have no pop-ups on your site.

I reserve the right to remove any link which:
*     No longer meets are our high standards
*     No longer links back to us and offers no benefit to visitors
*     Any site which significantly changes its content to inappropriate material
*     Engages in “link farming” techniques.

Reciprocal links will be checked on a regular basis.

Unlike many sites, I want these links to be of very high quality, excellent content and of VALUE to our visitors.  If you feel that your site is one which would be beneficial here, please copy, paste and publish the following reciprocal link for Simply Baskets, then submit your request.  Thank you!

TITLE:  Simply Baskets has Artist Signed Hand Woven Baskets
DESCRIPTION: Simply Baskets offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind handwoven and artisan signed baskets, including vintage and antique baskets!
THEME/CATEGORY: Arts & Crafts, Gift Baskets

<a href=""><b>Simply Baskets has Artist Signed Hand Woven Baskets</b></a> - Simply Baskets offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind handwoven and artisan signed baskets, including vintage and antique baskets!

I will E-mail you once I have had an opportunity to visit your site.  Should your site meet the criteria, I will let you know and give you the URL of the location of your link.



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