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Q.  What is the Simply Baskets guarantee?
A.  Simply Baskets Guarantees that each basket will be properly identified, accurately measured with any blemishes or flaws noted, and carefully, securely and properly packaged for your receipt. 

Please carefully read the Simply Baskets Return Policy!

If you simply have a change of heart after you receive a basket:  Your intent to return the basket must be communicated to me via email within 3 days of receipt as indicated on the online USPS delivery confirmation page for your shipment.  Initial and return shipping costs are not refundable as they are a performed service.
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Q. How do I pay for a basket purchase with a credit card? 
A. Please use my secure encrypted shopping cart for paying with a credit card by simply clicking the BUY NOW button located at the bottom the basket description page.  I accept credit card payments via PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express or direct checking account transfer).
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Q. How do I pay for a basket purchase with a money order or personal check? 
A. Simply click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of the page which describes the basket you wish to purchase, then enter your shipping information and payment choice at the required screen.  Just tick the box "Personal Check" or "Money Order".
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Q.  Will I be charged sales tax on this basket purchase?
A. Georgia residents are currently charged the Cobb County state sales tax rate of 6% of the purchase price only.
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Q.  Do you sell baskets internationally?
A. Yes!  Payment by a Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or PayPal payments only for Canada and other countries.  No checks or money orders.  Please request an invoice from below the BUY NOW  links.
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Q.  What if I receive a basket and wish to return it?
A.  I personally designed this site specifically to reduce impulse purchases which can lead to buyer's remorse.  The site is arranged so that you will view the interactive variety of photos of the basket, hopefully fully read the description and basket measurements before you eventually locate and can activate the BUY NOW button.  My ultimate desire is for you to be pleased with your buying experience and especially with the purchased basket!

As an experienced basketweaver myself, I am more than qualified to accurately describe these baskets and authenticate their weavers. Each basket shown for purchase is accurately described in full detail with a wide variety of photos and detailed measurements.  Shipping/handling/insurance charges are not refundable as it is a performed service.  If you STILL have questions about a particular basket, please contact me before you initiate a purchase order. 

Refunds  DO cost me time and money, so I strive very hard to be totally and completely accurate in the written descriptions and photographs.  I do not want a sold basket returned any more than you want to return one!

If you simply have a change of heart after you receive a basket, your intent to return the basket must be communicated to me via email  within 3 days/72 hours of online delivery confirmation date for a return authorization.  Shipping, handling & insurnce costs nor return costs are not refundable. The basket to be shipped back to SImply Baskets within 3 days of authorization via USPS Priority Mail - insured in the original box with packing materials with delivery confirmation.  Baskets returned beyond the return period, and/or without prior authorization will be refused and returned.  By clicking the BUY NOW button and submitting payment, you agree to these terms.
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Q.  Do you sell gift baskets?
A.  Many of the baskets I offer for sale would make a wonderful gift basket, fruit gift basket, corporate gift basket or holiday gift basket.  I leave the filling of the basket to you!  Many of these baskets also made wonderful wedding gift baskets, bride gift basket or keepsake baskets for the bridal party!
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Q.  Do you sell baskets wholesale or in quantities?
A. I do not do wholesale baskets.  I am the sole artist of most of these baskets, and do not hire nor employ assistants nor apprentices to weave my baskets.  Therefore, wholesale and additional quantities of these unique baskets are not available.
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Q.  Can you send a catalog of all your baskets? 
A.  In order to keep my prices as low as possible for you, and due to the ever-changing selection of these one-of-a-kind baskets, a print catalog is not available.
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Q.  How much will shipping cost?
A.  A fixed shipping charge in displayed in the checkout cart.  These shipping figures are ONLY valid for the 50 United States.

If you live outside the USA, including Canada, please use this Invoice Request link.  An invoice will be emailed to you with the shipping cost (Global Priority or insured Air Mail Parcel Post) to your country.  Your shipping cost will be more; in addition, you will be responsible for any taxes or import charges your country may charge.

Average estimated shipping costs for a small - medium size baskets to an overseas address is estimated at $50.00   Larger size baskets and heavy baskets will be more expensive.
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Q.  What determines the shipping charge of the baskets?
A.  The shipping charge is inclusive of the actual fee the USPS charges to accept a shipment, full insurance coverage for the purchase price and a very nominal handling fee.
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Q.  Can you or I reduce or change to a lower shipping charge?
A.  Shipping charges will be recalculated ONLY with multiple basket purchases.  This recalculation will be performed by me.  You as a buyer are unable to recalculate or change the shipping fee figure.  If you've indicated that you wish to pay with a personal check or money order, a new lower (combined) shipping fee will be noted on your purchase confirmation e-mail.  As stated, the shipping charges are accurate and not abusive.
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Q.  When will you the ship and how?
A.    An emailed confirmation of your basket purchase will be sent to you once I have received the order, payment information and have the basket packed.  This email will include the U.S.P.S. tracking number for your shipment.  (No weekends or holidays)   Packages are shipped via U.S..PS. Priority Mail, fully insured with online tracking.  Most shipments are received within 2-4 business days of the shipping date.
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Q.  Can I purchase a basket and have you shipped to someone else?
A.  Yes, you may purchase a basket and have it shipped as a gift to someone else.
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Q.  What if my basket is damaged during shipment and delivery? 
A.  Every basket is shipped FULLY INSURED!  In over 16 years of shipping my baskets, I have never had a basket delivered damaged. 

If, however, this unfortunate event does strike you, please save all the packing materials, the original box, and contact me ASAP.  Your local Post Office will need to inspect the box, the basket and the packing materials.  Since each basket is sent fully insured, you will work with your local Post Office to claim the insurance.  The Post Office does not refund shipping and insurance costs.
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Q.  How can I properly care for and display my baskets? 
A.  Please see the Proper Care & Display of Your Baskets page which has many tips and ideas.
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Each basket shown on this site is available for immediate purchase.  Additional quantities of these baskets are NOT available!

Purchasing / Ordering:  Simply Baskets is a home based studio business.  Purchases for baskets are accepted from the purchase order form initiated from this website. Telephone calls to place an order are discouraged as I am not set up to accept orders or payment information over my unsecured home telephone line.
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School Year Hours: (August - May), Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. MOST of the time. However, I am a mother of five school-aged children, and am often scheduled to assist with their school, Scout and church activities.
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Summer / Holiday Hours:  My shop basket studio is closed all major holidays and school holidays. During the summer, I am on hiatus for the entire month of July, and am gone several days at a time throughout the year - especially over holidays. Orders / questions will be processed upon my return.
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Local Buyers / Visitors / In Person DeliveryLocal ordinances and my homeowner's / studio insurance do not allow for retail customers on the premises. Baskets are not available for pickup from my location. I work from my home-based studio, not a retail store, so visits and in-person shopping are not possible.
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Your Personal InformationYour personal and financial information will not be sold, rented or traded with any other company or person unless required by law enforcement.  Your personal and financial privacy is very closely guarded by Simply Baskets and secure procedures are employed.
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SPAMSimply Baskets will not fill your email box with SPAM.  No unsolicited emails will ever be sent to you unless requested personally by you.  Email communication is limited to communications necessary to complete a sale or to answer a question or concern.
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By initiating a purchase for any basket on this site, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and legally able to enter into a legally binding purchase agreement with Simply Baskets.  Payment is expected within 10 business days of your purchase order or the order will be canceled.

You agree that full and complete purchasing and shipping information will be submitted to enable Simply Baskets to fulfill it's obligation to send the merchandise, properly packed and insured, to you.

You agree that whichever payment method you select, it will be legally valid.  Any attempt to defraud Simply Baskets by issuing a NSF check, stopped payment or an unauthorized credit card will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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Q.  What if I still have questions?
A.  If you still have questions, please email me!  The fastest, most productive way to contact me is via email!  There are email links to me on every page. Telephone calls to my home are discouraged as I am not always near a computer to assist you.
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Kathleen Becker
Simply Baskets

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