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Handwoven GARDEN DELIGHT Gift Basket

Kathleen Becker's popular handwoven GARDEN DELIGHT Gift Basket, filled with goodies for the gardener like gloves, seed packets, decorative gardening stake, and a hand-painted shovel! 

Tucked inside this garden gift basket, you'll find a pair of pink floral cotton Wells Lamont garden gloves , a metal Bumble Bee garden stake in a light purple color, a hand-painted garden shovel featuring flowers, and a 2.5 oz package of Early Golden Bantam Sweet Corn seeds and a 2.5 oz package of Little Marvel Pea seeds.

The garden gift basket, which I hand wove from flat rattan reed with a hardwood handle,  features plain weaving up the sides.

Three fabric yoyo flowers with button centers are attached above the two-color dyed green rattan reed stems, which are layered over the spokes.  Single lashed in cane with a flat reed rim for a finished look.

A hand-tied raffia bow is attached to the top of the weaving, giving this garden gift basket a very country look! The garden gift basket was lightly stained to mellow the raw weavers, and is initialed and dated on the base by the weaver.

This is a wildly popular gift basket for the new home owner, the garden lover, basketry collector or as a unique hostess gift!  The Garden Delight Gift Basket is intended to hang on a peg, a door or a wall.  The basket measures 14" high, 5" long and 1.5" wide. 

SB543 - Handwoven Garden Delight Gift Basket
Handwoven GARDEN DELIGHT Gift Basket
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