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Handwoven Berry Pick'n Basket

Country basket style Berry Pick'n Basket, handwoven by an unknown basketweaving artist indicated by "RR" and the year, 1991.

This reed woven basket consists of an open weaved base, natural and dyed country blue weavers, a flat and flat oval rims with double lashing on the rims.

Between the basket rims is a wide piece of twisted seagrass used to disguise the slim gap between the inside and outside rims.  A very traditional and country accent! 

The hardwood ash basket handle was inserted down into the weaving along both sides and has beautiful wood graining  on the top of the handle.

This hand-woven Berry Pick'n basket measures 6" in diameter, almost 5" to the rims and 8" high at the top of the stationary basketry handle.  It is in excellent condition with no breaks or damage.  Ready for display with your country-style basket collection or to use as intended as a "berry pick'n" basket!

SB526 - Handwoven Berry Pick'n Basket
Handwoven Berry Pick'n Basket
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